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  1. What are Automated Schedules?
  2. Creating an Automated Schedule
  3. Managing Automated Schedules
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Conclusion

What are Automated Schedules?

Automated schedules allow you to automate specific server tasks based on a defined time or interval. These tasks might include starting, stopping, or restarting your server, running commands, or performing backups.

Creating an Automated Schedule

Follow these steps to create an automated schedule for your NodeByte server:

  1. Access the Schedule Tab: In your NodeByte control panel, navigate to the Schedules tab.
  2. Create a New Schedule: Click the Create Schedule button to begin.
  3. Enter Schedule Details: Provide a name for your schedule and choose the desired start time and frequency.
  4. Add Tasks: Click Add Task and select the type of task you want to automate (e.g., server start, stop, restart, or run a specific command).
  5. Configure Task Settings: Customize task settings, such as delay and repetitions, as needed.
  6. Save the Schedule: Once you’ve added all the tasks you need, click Save to activate the schedule.

Managing Automated Schedules

To manage your automated schedules:

  1. View Schedules: In the Schedules tab, you can view a list of all your existing schedules.
  2. Edit a Schedule: Select a schedule from the list and click the edit icon to modify its details or tasks.
  3. Delete a Schedule: To delete a schedule, click the delete icon next to the schedule in the list.
  4. Enable/Disable a Schedule: Toggle the enable/disable switch to activate or deactivate a schedule.


If you encounter issues with your automated schedules, consider the following:

  • Check schedule settings: Verify that the schedule's time and frequency are set up correctly.
  • Review tasks: Ensure the tasks are properly configured and set to run at the correct times.
  • Server permissions: Make sure you have the necessary permissions to execute the tasks.
  • Check server logs: Review server logs for any error messages or warnings.


You've now learned how to set up and manage automated schedules for your NodeByte server. By automating repetitive tasks, you can save time and ensure your server operates efficiently. If you need any further assistance, please contact our support team.

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